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For a day of woodworking at her Brooklyn studio, Ariele Alasko wears her reliable Gap high-rise black skinny jeans with a basic tee. #Styldby

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"Just This Side of Normal" by Alice Gao

#Styldby #DressNormal

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Photographer Gary Williams cranks up a muted look with our #GQforGap En Noir tee. #Styldby

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Seth Putnam

Seth is a multi-talented man who wears many hats well. A writer, entrepreneur, and true gentleman. I’m sharper for knowing him & definitely more well versed around the ladies. —Nathan Michael

A leather jacket for those cooler days. Behind-the-scenes from our #DressNormal campaign.  

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Architect Pari Ehsan mixes a Gap plaid shirt into her day at the studio. #Styldby

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Katie and Joey

"I met Katie at a photography workshop in Santa Barbara. Since she and her husband conveniently live in the Midwest, we’re able to hang out during off season and talk about hanging out during our busy seasons. She has the best taste in everything."

 ”I met Joey at a dance party in Santa Barbara. He was stepping out for fresh air and I was working up the guts to go inside. We chatted for a few hours about favorite TV shows, photography, music, and things of that nature instead.” —Rachel Gulotta

The art of dressing normal. #DressNormal

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