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Black is a color. #DressNormal

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"I met Becky through a mutual friend - we met when she moved from Detroit to Los Angeles. We used to go to a local comedy show together every week. She’s the friend that will drop by just to chat because she’s in the neighborhood." —Lauren Randolph 



"Edgar, Ricky and I all have classic cars and go cruising on weekends. Ricky teaches acting." —Jones Crow


Damien & Kati 

These two I’ve probably known the longest. They are some of my very best friends from Reno. We went to the same high school and were in the same close knit group of friends through college. I’m thrilled that such close friends live walking distance to me in Los Angeles now. Hometown friends in Reno, now neighborhood friends in Los Angeles.” —Lauren Randolph 

"Perfect Style in Every Situation" by Miyuki Ohashi 

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